Helio Gaming scales up lottery products to broaden player appeal

Flagship Lotto Hero game now joined by series of customisable solutions

10th April 2018, Malta – Online lottery supplier Helio Gaming has unveiled a host of customisable new games to complement its innovative Lotto Hero product.

The Malta-based provider is now offering daily, weekly, and event-based draws, which can be branded by individual operators to appeal to a large number of customer demographics.

With unlimited jackpots, the draws can use the Helio Gaming-certified RNG or live broadcast using existing casino studios, and even include non-monetary prizes such as cars, yachts, and luxury holidays.

There are also opportunities to use cross-vertical incentives such as free spins and free sports bets to encourage, or reward players currently familiar with other areas of the business.

Helio Gaming CEO Richard Mifsud said: “Lotteries with their attractive jackpots have the ability to appeal to players from all walks of life wherever they are in the world.

“Whilst betting on the outcome of national lotteries has gained traction in recent times, the product does not allow operators to personalise the product.

“What our new games do, however, is give the operators the opportunity to create their own jackpots and hold draws at times that suit their players, offering customisable prizes and incentives along the way.

“They are an exciting opportunity for any brand to tap into the lottery phenomenon and control it themselves where they may not previously have had the ability.”

Lotto Hero, which offers players the chance to win hourly jackpots of at least one million Euros, is set to go live with its first operator later this month.

The game is designed to appeal to players across multiple verticals, as well as boost acquisition, retention, and an operator’s ability to cross-sell by offering speed, excitement and big jackpots.

Based on traditional draw games, players select seven numbers and a card suit to be in with the chance of winning the draw, which will be made on the hour, every hour.

Hosted on a multi-tenant platform, which enables it to be provided to players around the world through operator websites it guarantees operators risk-free distribution with an attractive commission structure that offers higher returns than products such as slots.

For more information about it and Helio’s suite of lottery games, or to arrange a meeting at G2E or Japan gaming Congress, please contact sales@heliogaming.com

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