Full Stack Developer


  • Ensure the right development of a work package
  • Develop and integrate components into a larger product
  • Respect coding best practices, including unit testing
  • Respect delivery due dates
  • Document and comment source code
  • Develop functional knowledge on lottery and other industry related verticals such as casino, sports-bets, poker, payments, and other industry related products
  • Break down and estimate development issues (features, improvements and defects)
  • Read and understanding detailed program specifications
  • Clarify what actions the program is intended to perform
  • Break down program specification into its simplest elements and translating this logic into the program
  • Devise possible solutions to anticipated problems
  • Combine all elements of the program design and testing it
  • Test sample data-sets to check that output from the program works as intended
  • Conduct end-to-end testing on developed features
  • React to problems and correcting the program as necessary
  • Evaluate and increase the program’s effectiveness and efficiency
  • Adapt the program to new requirements, as necessary
  • Conduct user-acceptance testing to ensure the program can be used easily, quickly and accurately
  • Consult manuals, periodicals and technical reports to learn new ways to develop programs and maintain existing skills and knowledge
  • Update, repair, modify and develop existing software and generic applications.
  • Review current systems
  • Present ideas for system improvements
  • Test the product in controlled, real situations before going live
  • Work closely with other members of the team
  • Maintain the systems once they are up and running


  • At least 4 years working experience, 3 of which in a .Net and/or Angular development environment
  • Solid knowledge of C#
  • Solid knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of stored procedures is considered an asset
  • Solid knowledge of Visual Studio Tools
  • Solid knowledge in use of web services
  • Solid knowledge of Visual Studio Tools
  • Knowledge of SVN would be preferable
  • Experience in Angular is a plus, however having experience in similar JS frameworks such as React or Vue is also considered.
  • Experience connecting to REST Web APIs.
  • Having experience in Git, Webpack, TypeScript,  NPM is a plus.
  • Ability to document work
  • An eye for detail where every pixel matters
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